Third International Conference on National Evaluation Capacities 2013
29 Sep - 2 Oct 2013, São Paulo, Brazil


TitleAuthorCountry /Agency

Political Participation For Development Evaluation in South Asia

Rangina Kargar
Member of Parliament, Afghanistan


Use of Evaluation – Local Governance M&E System in Afghanistan

Mohammad Hamed Sarwary
Monitoring and Evaluation Director for Independent Directorate of Local Governance


Challenges of a New Evaluation National Society

Fation Luli
Albanian Society of Program Evaluation


Panorama de la Evaluación de Políticas Públicas en la Administración Pública Nacional



Processus d'institutionnalisation de l'evaluation au Benin : avancees sur les questions d'utilisation et d'independance

Aristide n. Djidjoho
Coordonnateur du bureau d'evaluation des politiques publiques cabinet du premier ministre

Encouraging the effective use of evaluations to improve management policies and programmes Paulo Martino Jannuzzi
Secretary for Evaluation and Information Management at the Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger

A Model To Evaluate The Maturity of The Brazilian Public Administration's Evaluation Systems

Selma Maria Hayakawa Cunha Serpa


Evaluating Social Development in Brazil – Analysis of The Cycle of Production and Dissemination of Evaluation Studies By The Ministry of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger

Marco Antonio Carvalho Natalino
Coordinator-General for the Evaluation of Impacts and Results Department of Evaluation National Secretariat of Evaluation and Information Management


Evaluation of Development Activities at The Macro Level – Challenges and Experiences in Cambodia

THENG Pagnathun
Director General, Ministry of Planning, Royal Government of Cambodia


Alphabet Soup: Linking The Letters To Promote Evaluation Use

Martha McGuire
IOCE Board Member, EvalPartner Management Group


Costa Rica: History and The Role of Evaluation

Jordi Prat

Costa Rica

Analisis de Las Experiencias de la Republica Dominicana en El Monitoreo, Evaluacion Y Seguimiento Participativos a Nivel Local E Institucional Gubernamental

Hernan Rodriguez
Minier Economista investigador y docente de la escuela de economia y del Centro de Emprendurismo e innovacion empresarial de la Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo

Dominical Republic

Experiencia de la República Dominicana en la Evaluación Del Programa Solidaridad

Ivett Subero Acosta

Dominical Republic

Institutionalizing and Streamlining Development Monitoring and Evaluation in Post-Revolutionary Egypt

Doha Abdelhamid
Executive Board Member (IOCE-EvalPartners MG) & DME International Expert


Building M&E Capacities To Enhance The National M&E System in Ghana – The Way Forward

Bruno B. Dery
Deputy Director, NDPC


Monitoring and Evaluation System in Indonesia

Arif haryana
National development planning agency (bappenas)


Credibility of Evaluations ; The Kenyan Case

Machuka, Samson Masese
Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate, Ministry of Devolution and Planning, the Presidency


Monitoring and Evaluation of The National Budget in Malawi

Winston Nyasulu,
Ministry of finance


Promoting Use of Evaluation Results By Senior Government Officials in Malawi

Ted Sitima-wina
Ministry of Economic Planning and Development


Evaluation Use and Its Institutionalization in The Federal Evaluation System in Mexico

Gabriela Pérez-Yarahuán
Visiting Scholar at Center for Learning and Evaluation Research (CLEAR) Latin America


Overcoming Mistrust in Poverty and Evaluation Figures: The Case of Coneval in Mexico

Gonzalo Hernández Licona


Incentives in The Use of Evaluations As A Tool For Improving Public Policy

Thania de la Garza


Evaluation Genre Des Politiques Publiques Sous Le Prisme Des Droits Humains

Royaume Du Maroc


Evaluation of The National Initiative For Human Development: Independence and Use

MOUIME Mohamed
Director of Information Systems Division at the National Observatory for Human Development


Institutionalization and Use of Evaluations in The Public Sector in Nepal

Teertha Dhakal,
Joint Secretary, National Planning Commission Secretariat, Government of Nepal


Evidence- Based Public Policies: The Experience of The Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion

Anibal Velásquez
Adjunct General Director of Evaluation at Consejo Nacional de Evaluación de la Política de Desarrollo Social (CONEVAL)


Reflections On The South African Experience With Evaluation and The Use of Evaluative Evidence To Orient Public Policy Formulation

Ian Goldman, Stanley Ntakumba and Christel Jacob

South Africa

Why National Evaluation Policies Matter in South Asia

Hon. Kabir Hashim and Asela Kalugampitiya
Parliamentarians Forum on Development Evaluation in South Asia

Sri Lanka

Country Led National Evaluation System Independence, Credibility and Use of Evaluation Challenges and Solutions

Velayuthan Sivagnanasothy
Secretary, Ministry of traditional industries and Small enterprise development

Sri Lanka

Building A National Performance Framework For Evaluation

Dinesh d. Ragoo
Programme Director, Ministry of Planning & Sustainable Development

Trinidad and Tobago

The Diversity of The Evaluation Enterprise Influences Its Use in The United States

Stephanie Shipman
Assistant Director, U.S. Government Accountability Office


Innovations in Monitoring & Evaluation Bureau for Development Policy UNDP

Science of Delivery: Implications For Monitoring and Evaluation

Arianne Wessal
The Independent Evaluation
World Bank Group

World Bank


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